Our target
Caffè Landucci's continuous search for quality and innovation of taste and its customized and careful service assure customers the greatest satisfaction from the roasting process to the moment of drinking.

The only one

Caffè Landucci is not just coffee: it's synonymous with innovation, research and above all it is the result of tradition and passion that Landucci family dedicates to it.

We received many quality awards from the foreign market and since 2005 we confirmed our presence on the Italian market. Our goal is a continuous search for quality.

Our strong points - such as a flexible production, great experience in this field, a constant study of the market trends about products and packaging - allow us to work out customised, specific solutions, meeting various needs and tastes, being without doubt the ideal partner for every customer, from wholesalers to barmen.

We choose with care the best and most esteemed raw materials and we use advanced technologies, in order to guarantee the highest quality of blends for our customers, assuring a perfect balance between smell, taste and aroma.

A new label and an original taste for coffee: a special and unmistakeable experience for every occasion.

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